Cardano Canucks believes in making education and information available to people of all levels of expertise

  • If you are an investor, you can learn what role cryptocurrencies are expected to play inthe future economy.
  • If you have a technical background, you can learn about our architectural approach to the stake pool. We will also provide technical details of different aspects of Cardano as we explore them
  • If you are a hobbyist, well, that’s where we started and you’re on a similar learning path to us.

All are welcome and if you have something in particular you’d like to  hear about, let us know.




Learn how to acquire ADA, the Cardano token. We have put together a step by step guide, geared toward Canadians or anyone looking to purchase ADA.

How-To Guide


We have compiled a set of frequently asked questions related to  Cardano, stake pools and delegating  ADA to grow your holding. In the future we plan to expand this section.